Parcels of land such as fields, alleyways, lanes, woodland and development land do not have a full postal address. Such land is often described in the Title Register in the following manner "land on the north east of Morecambe Lane and on the west side of Tutteridge Lane, being aproximately 17 acres, more particularly described in the Title Plan as the land edged red thereon". It is not likely a person would be able to guess such an address to enter into the search criteria when applying for a Title Register search.

This means that most developers, utility companies, builders and others who have a need to ascertain land ownership, must tramp around the countryside knocking on farmyard doors to discover ownership.

You are now able to identify such land using our Map based land search. Simply type in the postcode or the nearest town. This will centre the map on that area. Then zoom in until you see the land you wish to identify. Use the pin to drop it in the centre of that land, and the land coordinates will immediately appear in the application form, together with the nearest property address. This is all the information we need, and from it we can obtain the Title Register and Title Plan, which will tell you all about the property and provide you with the ownership details.

If you already have the property coordinates you can insert this into the appropriate text field, over-riding the information input from the map.

Sometimes the parcel of land identified will reveal several Titles (and several ownerships). In such cases we may need to revert to you to specify which of them you require.

Title Register or Title Plan for Land not having a full Postal Address

Map Search

This is a specialised search where no readily available method of identifying the property by its address or title number is available, and may take up to 5 days to complete. Once completed you will have an up to date copy of the Title Register and (if selected) the Title Plan, in addition to other Land Registry documents that we may obtain in the course of identifying the property.

As every registered document is unique the amount of detail provided will vary with each property.

The Title Register is one of the 2 main documents of title (often called Title Deeds). It contains a description of the property, its tenure, the name and address of the current owners, purchase price (recorded for sales after 2000), name & address of mortgagee and details of other charges, covenants, easements, cautions, notices and restrictions.