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  • Leasehold Title Register
  • Freehold Title Register
  • Lease
  • Headlease
  • Detailed Guide

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Including any existing Intervening Title Registers will require an additional fee of £14.95 per document.
Including any existing Intervening Leases will require an additional fee of £19.95 per document.

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The Lease

The Lease is the legal document defining the terms upon which the Leasehold Title is held by the leaseholder. The Title Register provides brief details of the date of the lease and the length it has to run, but the Lease itself defines the terms, covenants and agreements and usually contains a plan of the estate including the leasehold property, its parking spaces and the common parts.

Title Register

The Title Register contains details such as the name and address of the owner, a physical description of the property, mortgages and charges, restrictive covenants and easements such as rights of way and rights of light.

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